sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

This post is to talk about Audacity and the importance of this tool. I used it to record an audio where I talk about my thoughts and reasons of why I like this program so much. 

Weblogs in ESL and EFL

jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Weblogs are important in ESL and EFL for teaching, due to the reason that they are useful and can be full of information for students. The purpose of using Weblogs for teaching is that we can post here material, information, media and so on related to English in this case.

Learners of any language need input when they are learning new stuff, and here is where blogs and media have place. 

The blog is personal and the teacher is the only one who can post information for students. They can only use it, comment it, and sometimes share these material.

Using weblogs could fit the best with tutorials, drill and practice or discovery as instructional methods. We can give the weblogs different uses. Some people use it as a personal diary, as a travel blog, as a political blog or just like us, for educational purposes.

As teacher we can post here some videos, audios for practicing, texts for reading comprehension, interactional activities, or information related to the course.


So far in this Educational Technology couse, I have learnt what else I can do with these technological tools. I have already worked with Weblogs but not for educational purposes, and in this months I have seen what else I can do with it related to being a teacher. I think I'm understanding everything, at least I can do my best and put all my effort. I'm studying the English Major because I want to be a translator, a tool that I think would be helpful for me is Audacity and podcasting, because it has to do with speaking and listening.


viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

This is a presentation about educational technology. It has to do with its beginning and how it started

Actividad de cierre 2

miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013

In this second unit we learnt more about instructional methods and instructional media. We also learnt how to solve some specific teaching scenarios with an instructional method depending on the situation and the problem we needed to solve. In this activity, I described a scenario I created and the one I had to solve using a specific instructional method. The description of this scenario is in this presentation and also the solution I gave to the problem.


Actividad de cierre 1

In this activity, we applied our knowledge using Prezi mixed with our knowledge about Education Technology as a whole. Educational Technology conveys a lot of information, since the learning theories, going through teaching perspectives, and finally the types of technology we can use in a classroom. In this Prezi, we have examples and definitions about what we learnt about Educational Technology in this first unit. 

P.S. I worked with Adan for this presentation